CorVive is powered by a well-rounded team of creative intellectuals, focused on ensuring that CorVive provides the highest quality product with an unparalleled lifestyle component and opportunities for all endorsers to excel in their lives.


Jeremy Fouts – Corvive Founder & CEO

Jeremy Fouts, CorVive Founder and CEO, comes from Texas via Oklahoma. Having grown up on a row crop farm, Jeremy graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree, along with a minor in Business Economics. Jeremy has spent over 15 years in the nutritional industry and has a proven track record of success. In his previous company, he built a sales organization of well over 100,000 distributors and helped thousands of families improve their health and finances. A true entrepreneur, Jeremy has always owned his own businesses. Through his business experience he has gained valuable skills in communication, vision, and execution. In May 2018 he founded CorVive on principles of serve, love and care, ensuring that CorVive was a company that was inclusive of all with a message that resonated with the masses. Having experience in both corporate roles and as a distributor, Jeremy has a complete understanding of what it takes to help families with their health and finances, making the CorVive brand an enticing opportunity. Jeremy Fouts and his wife Candice reside in Texas with their two sons.


Candice Fouts – Co-Founder

Candice, along with her husband Jeremy are the Co-Founders of CorVive. Candice comes from a diverse background that includes science through design. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Microbiology. After moving to Texas, the Fouts started a remodeling company and her passion for design took root. She has managed paint, trim and cabinetry teams for small and large residential and commercial properties. With CorVive, Candice brings together her science background for product education along with her design background in assisting the marketing team.


Mitch Moore

When passion meets hard work and a craving for perfection you will typically find an individual like Mitch Moore. Mitch is a highly skilled and multitalented Creative with over 15 years experience in branding, marketing, event production, strategy and visual communication. He has spent over a decade in the network marketing space working alongside Jeremy & Candice Fouts to help them bring their visions into reality. His unique ability to perform under tight deadlines, while working across multiple disciplines and managing a team of creatives is unmatched. Where many see the impossible Mitch sees opportunity for growth. Shaped by a vast background in visual communication and production, Mitch masterfully bridges concepts to bring life to the vision and purpose of CorVive’s master plans.


David Pappas

Originally from Maryland now residing in Texas, David Pappas graduated from The University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Communications and a double minor in Business Economics and Sports Management. David has been an integral part of the CorVive team molding its structure since its inception. Master of many talents David is primarily responsible for the overall financial strategy of CorVive as well as day-to-day operations. David brings sales, operations and customer engagement experience through past endeavors at; BMW, Byron Nelson Salesmanship Club of Dallas and NBC affiliate WBAL. Over the past ten years he has worked directly with Fouts in growing and supporting large and successful network marketing organizations. Dave understands the nuances that are needed to create a cohesive system for corporate operation as well providing a seamless Endorser experience.


Missy Hienlen

A tactile and methodical thinker like Missy Heinlen is needed to develop and execute marketing strategies on multiple fronts. A people person by nature, there is no one that has an exchange with Missy that doesn’t leave with a better attitude and a smile. Coming from a diverse and multifaceted background there is not a box that Missy’s skillset can fit in comfortably. Coaching, project management, KPI’s, public relations, event planning, the list goes on; everything she does she does to perfection. Missy provides CorVive endorsers with the information that they need to succeed. Her background includes a Bachelors Degree in Education and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. She manages everything from the day-to-day operations of CorVive’s Customer service efforts to the CorLife events around the world. Missy and her husband recently settled in Celina, TX with their 2 young, athletic boys who keep them busy.


Brooks Gordon

With over a decade and a half of experience in the nutritional, direct sales, branding, PR and marketing world Brooks brings to CorVive a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies that are require to keep CorVive’s messaging on point. During his career he has been part of the success of successful start-ups as well as accomplished multi billon dollar brands. Brooks spent years cultivating business relationships in the field, leading creative service teams, event production, promotional and public relation efforts. To Brooks CorVive represents the best of the best in leadership and business opportunity, this appealing combination has driven him to contribute in cultivating the extensive range of the brand and to safeguard that the message be one that’s heard now and for years to come.


Brandi Snow

Ensuring the long-term success and enhancing wellness lifestyle is fundamental to CorVive’s mission and values. Brandi Snow brings an exceptional value set to the corporate management team with a background that is based in fueling excellence across the board. She has a broad range of experience that has allowed her to cultivate outstanding customer service, business practices, event organization, team building, and sales management. Every task is met with a brilliant mind when it comes to ensuring that CorVive endorsers are on the right path for success. With a sharp wit for solving problems and maintaining CorVive’s trajectory, Brandi brings 16 years of experience to the CorVive team. She and her teams are constantly willing to go above and beyond to guarantee that the needs of CorVive’s endorsers are met and exceed satisfaction. She and her husband enjoy raising three vibrant children.